"How do we roll? What you can expect"

Before starting a project, we have a digital or in-person meeting to define the scope of work. From there, Animationsbolaget provides a production estimate or quote. During the project, we maintain open communication to ensure successful delivery. To ensure clarity for both our clients and ourselves, we break down the production process into four stages, which may vary based on the initial dialogue and order:
1.    Pre-Production
2.    Production
3.    Post-Production
4.    Delivery

In this initial stage, we lay the foundation for the entire production. What message needs to be conveyed? What emotions should the animation evoke? Who is the target audience? Where will the animation be shown? What is the desired length? To find the right style and tone, we can look at reference films and inspiration images. We create a moodboard to clarify the visual and emotional direction. In pre-production, we work on the animation idea, which is then visualized in a storyboard. We have ongoing consultations for all aspects of the project.
Pre-production is critical to ensure that the animation meets our client's expectations, and it may be the most crucial step towards a successful delivery.

If there is already a completed script for the production, we use it to shape the animation. Alternatively, we can help develop or adapt the script.

Style Frames
To give clients an idea of the final product early on in the process, we create still images that show  what the animation will look like.

Storyboard/Visual Script
The animation is sketched out in a storyboard. The storyboard shows how the animation progresses step by step and how the visuals and script interact. This becomes our production roadmap.

If the animation requires a voiceover, we can suggest suitable voices and book the recording session. Clients can participate digitally or in-person if they wish. Otherwise, we provide various sound proposals from the recording to choose from.
Once the pre-production work is approved, we move on to the production phase. Here, we model objects and animate them, followed by the addition of color, material, and lighting. We build the animation based on the storyboard and time it to the voiceover or music.
In post-production, we fine-tune the timing and colors, add sound effects and music, and mix the sound with the voiceover.
The finished animation is delivered digitally in the desired file format, ready for presentation to the world!

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