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At Animationsbolaget, we specialize in creating animated films for our clients, offering end-to-end services from concept development to the final delivery of the finished film. We possess the necessary skills to handle different aspects of production and can provide assistance with specific components of a project when required. Our animation abilities encompass 3D, 2D, VFX/special effects, and motion graphics, enabling us to meet diverse creative requirements.
Additionally, we offer editing and sound design services to enhance the overall quality of the production. With a wide range of narrative forms and techniques at our disposal, we are dedicated to helping clients find the most suitable approach for their projects. Explore our diverse animation services:

Instructional film
Corporate film
TV graphics
Animated commercial
Video editing
Sound design
Voice over

Learn more about each type of services below.

An animated explainer video is a concise and engaging way to convey information about a service, product, or business idea. It captures the audience's attention and effectively delivers key details within a 1-2 minute timeframe. Animation is the preferred medium for explainers because it enables storytelling that is both clear and thorough, drawing viewers into a descriptive world.

At Animationsbolaget, we offer a comprehensive production experience, including animation services, voiceover, and music production, to enhance your project.

Instructional Film 
An instructional film effectively communicates instructions or important information about your product or service. Clarity and conciseness are essential for creating a successful instructional film. While voiceover or narration is common, we believe that the visuals should be self-explanatory even without audio, ensuring accessibility in various situations.

If the instructional film needs to be shown in multiple countries with different languages, we have a solution. By incorporating hidden subtitles, viewers can select their preferred language, facilitating clear communication across regions. With a single film and voiceover, we can accommodate diverse audiences by providing customized subtitles.

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Corporate film
A corporate film showcases your company or brand, highlighting products, services, and work methods while sharing your story, culture, and vision. Animation is a powerful tool that simplifies complex concepts, visualizes past events, and illustrates future visions in a captivating way. It effectively conveys emotions and messages, capturing elements that may be challenging or impossible to film. Let us bring your company's story to life and create an engaging film that communicates your unique message. Whether you have an idea or need assistance, we're here to help you create a captivating corporate film that resonates with viewers.

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We can turn your drawings or ideas into reality through visualization. With our modeling expertise, we create three-dimensional models that capture the desired style and aesthetics. Whether you prefer realistic renderings or illustrative styles, we have the skills to bring your vision to life. We offer various presentation options, including still images or animated films, to showcase your concepts effectively. Let us help you bring your ideas to life with stunning and accurate visuals that represent your vision.

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TV Graphics
Intros, sponsor billboards, identities, bumpers - that's what we call TV graphics. Animationsbolaget assists with the complete production process, from offline to online. We can also handle specific parts if needed. In addition to concept development and production, we can provide assistance with sound effects, music, and voiceover. Take a look at our examples of TV graphics here.
Infographics simplify complex information using visual elements like diagrams, graphs, text, and images. They enhance content by seamlessly integrating into various services, adding visual engagement. Whether filmed or animated, infographics are effective in presenting numbers and text in an appealing and understandable way. 

Animated Commercials
Promote your brand effectively with an animated commercial that leaves a lasting impression. From showcasing your product in a realistic kitchen to animating non-existent goods or creating a fantasy world, animation offers limitless possibilities. Say goodbye to location constraints, seasonal limitations, and hiring actors. Animation allows us to tailor visuals to your needs, combining filmed material and animation for impact. Whether on TV, the internet, YouTube, or social media, we can help you gain visibility for your product or service. See examples here:  Triss

With animation, you can bring your presentations to life and add movement, making them more dynamic than traditional Power point slides. We can create 3D representations of products that can be interacted with, highlighting details and explaining functionality. Our presentations can visually showcase impressive sales records with soaring numbers. Animated presentations offer limitless possibilities to captivate your audience and effectively showcase your ideas.

An informational video communicates important information without feeling like a lecture. It is commonly used in public services to educate and inform the public on topics such as parking regulations, helmet use, or choosing a high school. Using animation in informational videos allows for concise and visually engaging presentations tailored to the target audience. We combine text, images, and objects to create an educational and easily understandable experience, bringing the content to life with captivating visuals.

Techniques we use:
⁃ 3D
⁃ 2D
⁃ VFX/Special effects
⁃ Editing
⁃ Sound design
Programs we use: 
⁃ Cinema 4D
⁃ Redshift
⁃ Adobe creative suite

⁃ Unreal engine
⁃ Real flow

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